I discovered Ruby early on in my career. Since then I have worked with Padrino+ActiveRecord and Rails 4/5. The projects I’ve worked on include a small startup with complex data investigation needs and an Open Source project preservation system used by libraries all over the world. I thoroughly enjoy working on Rails projects, they almost feel like home at this point.

If I had to start a new app from scratch now, I would most likely do “rails new”.


Python is my mother tongue programming language. One of the first things I ever did in programming was to attempt the Python challenge. I did not get very far on my own, but I found immense value in exploring the answers to all of the challenges, realising just how powerful Python can be.

I have mainly used Flask for web app development. A good example of some of the work I did early on in my career is this massive form on the DOAJ (the size was out of my control). Most recently I have been modifying a CKAN installation with various plugins, adding functionality list custom schemas, routing and file processing.

I have briefly flirted with the world of data analysis in Python, using Pandas and Numpy. I find the idea of Test-Driven Data Analysis fascinating.


It’s impossible to do web development without some Javascript, is it? I started off with jQuery, then worked with Angular 1, building a Single Page Application on top of a Padrino application.

I used vanilla Javascript while contributing to an Elasticsearch data visualisation library plus bits here and there on various projects as required.

I have played with idempotent apps in my spare time, using React and Express.js.


My initial web app development experience was using Elasticsearch . It wasn’t until later on, when I started working on Ruby apps, that I got to get to know MySQL and PostgreSQL. I’ve used both on various projects since, through AWS or not.


I firmly believe in the philosophy of DevOps and expect to own what I develop/deploy.